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ms channel dealers chennai
ms channel suppliers in chennai

MS Channel Dealers in Chennai

Steel link Ltd. supplies highly durable channel units among MS Channel dealers in Chennai. With the high durable & ductile channels, Steel Link, as an MS Channel dealer, attracting the masses constantly since 2010. ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

Top Manufacturers

We associate only with top MS Channel manufacturers in Chennai, India. Hence we can commit to the superior product deliverable.

Technical Specifications

Our wide range of MS Channels easily matches the customized requirements of our customers.

How Steel Link becomes the most trusted MS Channel dealer in Chennai?

Steel Link Ltd. becomes the trusted MS Channel dealer in Chennai as we deal with prefabricated or readymade MS channels for immediate use in construction sites. Our past 10 Years of Industry experience as MS Channel dealer helps in satisfying customers with the best features as follows:

Structural Stability

Our MS Channels deliver much needed balanced support for heavy load structures.

Huge Versatility

Our MS Channels serve multiple uses in the construction & engineering sectors.

High Stiffness

Having low carbon content, Our MS Channels are stiff & possess high tensile strength.

ms channel in chennai with best features
Great Feasibility

Due to the wide range of availability in terms of size, Our MS Channels support easy work handling according to the scope.

Recyclable & Reusable

Our MS Channels have the nature of recycling from unsorted waste due to their mechanical properties.

Hot & Cool Treatment

Our MS Channels are heat-treated & Cooled consequently to enhance the greater tensile strength.

Joined Hands with Top Manufacturers

MS CHANNEL - Specifications

*Click to Download & View as PDF

Applications & Advantages of Our MS Channels

As MS Channels are lighter, have low torsion & adaptable, they serve majorly in the manufacturing of steel structures and the construction of bridges. Being the best among MS Channel dealers & suppliers in Chennai, Steel Link can list its advantages as follows:

TMT Bar - Specifications

*Click to Download & View as PDF

MS CHANNEL - Specifications

Mechanical Properties of our MS Channel

Dimension: As per IS 852
Tolerance as per IS 1852
Depth(mm) * Flange Width(mm) * Sectional Weight(kg/m)
ISMC 75 x 40 x 7.14"
ISMC 100 x 50 x 9.56/10.6
ISMC 125 x 65 x 13.1
ISMC 150 x 75 x 16.8
ISMC 175 x 75 x 19.6
ISMC 200 x 100 x 22.3
ISMC 250 x 80 x 30.6
ISMC 250 x 82 x 34.2
ISMC 300 x 90 x 36.3
ISMC 300 x 92 x 41.5
ISMC 400 x 100 x 50.1

Chemical Properties of our MS Channel

Common GradesMS Channel Structurals also available in the following foreign specificationsB
IS 2062/2011 E250BrASTM-A-36Grades S-275 JO
Copper Bearing Structurals are also rolled as per customer's specificationsJIS-G-3101-SS400JR
High Strength Structurals are also availableEN-10025S-335 JO
BS-4360 Grades 40A, 43A, 43B, M 43C, 50B, 50CJR
DIN-17100 ST 37.2/44.2
Customer's Feedback

Happy Clientele

" Steel Link, We got to know them through Online first, when we completed our first transaction in 2018, they have been our steel suppliers for every other projects. Mr Vikas Goyal, for his friendly approach, on-time delivery and reasonable pricing has impressed us and We wish Steel Link the very best for growing even higher. "

M. Srinivasan
Purchase Manager

" We purchased Structural & Construction Steel from Steel Link when we construct our factory. Their steel varieties, quick transportation, competitive pricing has make them one of the best steel dealers in chennai without any doubt. Go Head! "

K. Sriram
Chief Engineer
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Best Dealer Pricing


Why People Rank Steel Link as the best among MS Channel Dealers in Chennai?


Hot Finish Quality

Our expertise in supplying MS Channels with the hot-rolled finish quality


Pricing Factor

Supplying customer-specific MS Channels at reasonable pricing is our strength.


Superfast Delivery

We process the delivery at a faster pace in line with your construction pace


24 x 7 Support

Our support team answers all types of enquiries immediately with our 24x7 presence


Frequently Asked Questions!

1. Best Pricing
2. Industry Knowledge
3. Good Quality
4. Better communication
5. A better understanding of customer's requirement

MS Channel is used in areas of Roofs, Walls, Windows and Door Frames, Wood Beam Supports, and Metal Buildings.

A C-shaped structure made up of Mild steel which is hot rolled is called Channel in steel structure. There are radii inside the corners of the steel that provides the required strength and rigidity to support steel angles and various construction project.

Often due to interaction of the rebar with moisture and air, the surface of the TMT becomes reddish in colour

In the vertical direction, MS Channels are really stronger than tubes.

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