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TMT bars dealers in Chennai
TMT bar suppliers in Chennai

TMT Bar Dealers in Chennai

Steel link Ltd. is the one of authorised TMT Bar Dealers in Chennai. With the best earthquake resistant feature of high impact, Steel Link, as a TMT Bar dealer attracts the masses since 2010. ISO 9001: 2015 approved.

Themo Mechanical Technology

We deal with TMT Bar Brands using Thermo Mechanical treatment, the most advanced technology in the manufacturing process.

Tensile Strength & Economical

Our TMT Bars focus on strength, flexibility & cost-effectiveness as weight per meter is 4% less than actual.

How Steel Link becomes the most trusted TMT Bar dealer in Chennai?

Suppling TMT Bars with high Ductility, Tensile Strength & Toughness is our primary goal. Steel Link can deliver it consistently for the past 10 Years along with the best features following:

Heat Resistant

Our TMT Bars do not give up in case of fire as it has an endurance of up to 550-degrees celsius

Gels with Cement

With its adhesive nature, our TMT Bars bond well with the cement providing the recommended Water-Cement ratio

High Weldability

Hence it requires only less number of steel, reducing the cost & also with minimal loss of strength at welded joints

TMT bars in Chennai with best features
Earthquake Resistant

With high fatigue strength, our TMT Bars can withstand heavy cyclic stress even minimal level of earthquake

Corrosion Resistant

Using proper mechanical & thermal treatment, our TMT Bars shows optimum resistance to corrosion & rust

Available Grade Types

Among 11 different grade types of TMT Bar, we supply based on your requirement types

Joined Hands with Top Manufacturers

TMT Bar - Specifications

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Applications & Advantages of Our TMT Bars

With its highly economical & weldability nature, TMT Bars have a presence in all types of construction like Dams, Flyovers, High-rise buildings, Powerplants, Industries & also in general purpose constructions. Being the best TMT Bar dealers in Chennai, Steel Link can list the highly picked advantages as follows:

Mechanical Properties of our TMT Bars

PropertiesIS:1786 Fe-550 DARS 550DBS:4449
Yield Strength (YS)
550 Min.550 Min.460 Min.
Tensile Strength (TS)
600 Min.600 Min.510 Min.
YS / TS1:1 Min.1:1 Min.-
Elongation (%)14 Min.16 Min.14 Min.

Chemical Properties of our TMT Bars

PropertiesIS:1786 Fe-550 DARS 550DBS:4449
C (%)0.25 Max0.25 Max0.25 Max
S (%)0.04 Max0.04 Max0.05 Max
P (%)0.04 Max0.04 Max0.05 Max
S + P (%)0.075 Max0.075 Max-
CE (%)0.42 Max0.42 Max0.51 Max
Customer's Feedback

Happy Clientele

" Steel Link, We got to know them through Online first, when we completed our first transaction in 2018, they have been our steel suppliers for every other projects. Mr Vikas Goyal, for his friendly approach, on-time delivery and reasonable pricing has impressed us and We wish Steel Link the very best for growing even higher. "

M. Srinivasan
Purchase Manager

" We purchased Structural & Construction Steel from Steel Link when we construct our factory. Their steel varieties, quick transportation, competitive pricing has make them one of the best steel dealers in chennai without any doubt. Go Head! "

K. Sriram
Chief Engineer
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Best Dealer Pricing


Why People Rank Steel Link as the best among TMT Bar Dealers in Chennai?


Top-Class Compositions

Having better chemical & mechanical compositions on any day


Pricing Factor

Supplying high tensile bars in competitive pricing is our strength


Superfast Delivery

We process the delivery at a faster pace in line with your construction pace


24 x 7 Support

Our support team answers all types of enquiries immediately with our 24x7 presence


Frequently Asked Questions!

1. Best Pricing
2. Good Quality
3. Industry Knowledge
4. Better communication
5. A better understanding of customer's requirement

Yes, TMT bars are highly earthquake resistant and have the best properties. It has the property to resist the shock of an earthquake without breaking.

We supply TMT bars in different diameters like 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 36mm, and 56mm.

TMT bars are split into various grades – Each TMT bar grade has properties and applications. Quality also varies depending upon grades. The various grades are Fe415, Fe500, Fe500D, Fe550, and Fe600.

Lifespan is based on the grade of TMT bars. TMT Fe 500 & Fe 550 gives longer life.

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