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GI, CR, HR Coils Dealers in Chennai

Steel link Ltd. is one of the leading GI CR HR Coil Dealers in Chennai. We offer a diverse range of GI CR HR Coils that serve significant purposes in the production, agriculture & construction industries in Chennai. ISO 9001: 2015 approved.

Best Manufacturing Brands

We deal only with top Brands manufacturing GI CR HR coils. Hence we can commit to the superior quality deliverable.

Technical Specifications

Our wide range of GI CR HR coils meets the majority of the customers with customised technical specifications.

How Steel Link becomes the most trusted GI, CR, HR Coils dealer in Chennai?

Steel Link Ltd. is known for supplying the best quality GI CR HR Coils in Chennai to esteemed customers at competitive pricing. Our past 12 Years of experience as GI CR HR Coils dealers helps in satisfying customers with the best features as follows:

Corrosion Resistance

With proper mechanical & thermal treatment, our GI CR HR coils show optimum corrosion resistance.

Superior Bendability

With the ease of blending & workability properties, Our GI CR HR coils are easily accessible for cutting, bending, and welding purposes.

Optimum Tensile Strength

Increase the thickness of zinc coated layer to increase the tensile strength of the GI CR HR coils.

High Durability

Our GI CR HR coils show heavy resistance to wear & corrosion. Hence it is applicable for a longer period.

High Weldability

Easy to drill, cut, and weld to match the construction requirements.

Protective Coatings

Our GI CR HR coils have a protective layer of zinc iron alloy to enhance its anti-rusting & durable properties.

Joined Hands with Top Manufacturers

TMT Bar - Specifications

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Applications & Advantages of Our GI, CR, HR Coils:

With their corrosive resistance nature, GI CR HR coils have a prominent presence in the engineering & automotive industries. Being the best among GI CR HR coils dealers & suppliers in Chennai, Steel Link can list its advantages as follows:

TMT Bar - Specifications

*Click to Download & View as PDF

TMT Bar - Specifications

Mechanical Properties of our GI, CR, HR Coils

PropertiesIS:1786 Fe-550 DARS 550DBS:4449
Yield Strength (YS)
550 Min.550 Min.460 Min.
Tensile Strength (TS)
600 Min.600 Min.510 Min.
YS / TS1:1 Min.1:1 Min.-
Elongation (%)14 Min.16 Min.14 Min.

Chemical Properties of our GI, CR, HR Coils

PropertiesIS:1786 Fe-550 DARS 550DBS:4449
C (%)0.25 Max0.25 Max0.25 Max
S (%)0.04 Max0.04 Max0.05 Max
P (%)0.04 Max0.04 Max0.05 Max
S + P (%)0.075 Max0.075 Max-
CE (%)0.42 Max0.42 Max0.51 Max
Customer's Feedback

Happy Clientele

" Steel Link, We got to know them through Online first, when we completed our first transaction in 2018, they have been our steel suppliers for every other projects. Mr Vikas Goyal, for his friendly approach, on-time delivery and reasonable pricing has impressed us and We wish Steel Link the very best for growing even higher. "

M. Srinivasan
Purchase Manager

" We purchased Structural & Construction Steel from Steel Link when we construct our factory. Their steel varieties, quick transportation, competitive pricing has make them one of the best steel dealers in chennai without any doubt. Go Head! "

K. Sriram
Chief Engineer
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Best Dealer Pricing


Why People Rank Steel Link as the best among GI, CR, HR Coils Dealers in Chennai?


Supreme Uniformity

We provide exact regularity in dimensions, sizes, and tolerance among all GI CR HR coils we supply.


Pricing Factor

Supplying high stable GI CR HR Coils in competitive pricing is our strength.


Superfast Delivery

We process the delivery at a faster pace in line with your construction pace.


24 x 7 Support

Our support team answers all types of enquiries immediately with our 24x7 presence


Frequently Asked Questions!

1.Best Pricing
2.Better communication
3.Industry Knowledge
4.Good Quality
5.A better understanding of customers' requirements

Gi, Cr, and Hr coils are used in Tube making, containers, furniture, construction, and bicycles.

These are coil which are highly graded coils that are used in Industries. The coils are manufactured of steel at a high temperature.

The dissimilarity between the HR coil and CR coil is nothing but Hr steel is the steel that has melted or rolled at high temperature. Cold rolled is basically hot rolled steel that is a cold reduction in material.

To be frank the cold-rolled is 30% stronger than the hot rolled.

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